Family Hotel Kreuzwirt – how it all began


Even in earlier times there was a very well-frequented inn here, providing a place to rest, enjoy refreshments, and to stable horses. It also served as a post office. The Kreuzwirt itself was first mentioned in the 18th century in a chronicle from a local abbey.
At the beginning of the 20th century, the then owner (a Mrs. Taurer) had the Mausoleum built as a precise replica of its African counterparts. The “Old Steam Saw” and the "Kinderheim" were also built around the same time.

In 1930, ownership by our family is mentioned for the first time in its history. When Franz Aigner, our grandfather, moved to the Kreuzberg with his wife as a tenant landlord, he probably could never have dreamt of the developments in tourism we see today.
In those times, their guests were still wagon drivers who, after an arduous climb from Drautal up to the high valley of Weissensee, gave themselves and their horses a well-deserved rest. Even back then, the guests appreciated good cooking and an equally good glass of beer. After working hard at the business, our grandfather purchased the property on the Kreuzberg in 1936.
Ongoing additions and remodeling have made our hotel what it is today:

  • Construction of the new main road
  • 1966 Business handed over/taken over by Franz Junior
  • Building of our own springs for drinking water
  • Construction of the outdoor pool
  • Fire in the barn, but subsequently rebuilt
  • 1981 Construction of the main house by Franz III
  • 1987 Business handed over/taken over by Franz III
  • 1987 Construction of the central tract
  • 1993 Construction of the tennis courts
  • 1996 Construction of the “New House” including children’s playroom
  • 2001 Construction of the wellness area and children’s indoor pool
  • 2002 Installation of a biomass heating system
  • 2003 Stable built at the Kinderheim
  • 2003 Complete renovation of the main house built in 1981
  • 2003 Construction of a new year-round outdoor pool
  • 2007 Renovation of our employee rooms
  • 2010/11 Big remodeling project including a new lobby and reception, 6 new rooms featuring wood construction, enlarged children’s play area and wellness facilities, new buffet area
  • 2012 Purchase of staff housing on Lake Weissensee
  • 2013 New beach area on Lake Weissensee with hut & rowing boats
  • 2013 Renovation of 18 rooms with addition of pine walls, larch furniture and wood flooring, new wellness lounge with beverage and tea bar
  • 2014 Renovation of our double and single rooms as well as our “Large Apartments”, including addition of wood flooring as well as installation of a touch-free lock system throughout the hotel