A very special natural jewel

Weissensee Nature Park

Weissensee Nature Park is Carinthia’s poster child for “tourism in harmony with nature” and was even awarded the Mobility Prize. The region has been designated as a nature park since 2006, and today encompasses an area of 7,640 ha. All of the region’s activities are governed by 4 basic pillars: “Nature and environmental protection, recreation, education and regional development”. Decades-long efforts focused on preserving and developing its natural character and the countryside ultimately led to this recognition.
In addition, Weissensee Nature Park has been a member of “Alpine Pearls” since 2013, a network of 29 extraordinary holiday destinations that set the highest standards when it comes to eco-friendly, conscious and stress-free recreational opportunities.

For many years now, an array of “gentler” activities have been packaged together, from float trips in summer to ecologically compatible ice sports events in winter. We seek to sensitize our guests to nature as the foundation of life, and make it possible for everyone to enjoy recreational experiences that are both close-to-nature and resource-efficient. Under the magic formula known as “Gentle Mobility”, we have been able to harmoniously unite recreational enjoyment with nature awareness.

Discover the nature park with our trained guides, perhaps out on a horseback trail ride, taking a hike focused on our natural habitat, or let your kids do some “Fish Watching” or play “Nature Detective”. Acquaint yourself with this natural jewel in Carinthia even better, enjoy nature, and get the most out of the wealth of activities available to you.