Theme Hikes

Fascinating days for the whole family

In Weissensee Nature Park, you will find 9 different theme hiking paths that are designed to sharpen your coordination and sense of balance, teach you about the life of bees, and tell your exciting stories about the Weissensee region. Exciting hours for the whole family are guaranteed.

Buchbichl Interactive Trail
Length: 600 m, elevation gain 50 m, time ca. 1 hour. The trail head is to the right of the lift valley station in Weissensee.

Bee Path
Length: 1.3 km, elevation gain 80 m, walking time ca. 1 hour (suitable for prams). The starting point is next to the Catholic church in Gatschach on Lake Weissensee.

Interactive Nature Path
Length: 2 km, elevation gain 10 m, time ca. 1 hour (suitable for prams). The starting point is right in front of the hotel.
Fairy-Tale Path
Length: 1.6 km, elevation gain 10 m, walking time ca. 45 minutes (suitable for prams). The path begins in “Techendorf-Süd” and takes you out towards Unternaggl.

Water & Land – wetland meadow path
Length: 3 km, elevation gain 10 m, walking time ca. 1 hour (suitable for prams). This hike begins in Praditz across from the A1 petrol station.

Of Fishers & Anglers
Length: 2.6 km, elevation gain 30 m, walking time ca. 50 min (suitable for prams). The trail head is the lake promenade in Praditz.

On the Trail of Forest Glass – Tscherniheim
Length: 6 km, elevation gain 320 m, walking time ca. 2 hours. This path begins on the western shore of Lake Weissensee at the Paterzipf.

Stockenboi Lake Path
Length: 500 m, elevation gain 10 m, time ca. 30 min. Starting point for this walk is the boat dock on the eastern shore of Lake Weissensee.

Places of strength and peace
With a walking time of about 1 hour and an elevation gain of 150 m (also possible with prams), from the Weissensee mountain lift you will make your way to the “Old Mill” in Unternaggl.
At Rothn´s Bichl on the western shore, you will find a place of amazing natural power, where you can discover renewed sources of inner strength and at the same time soak in the glorious scenery. Pleasant places to sit and stretch out also await you at the Gosaria relaxation area in Stockenboi.
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