Our organic farm

We treat you every single day to products from our own organic farm for the perfect farm holidays in Austria

For generations now, here on the Weissensee we have pursued especially natural ways to husband our meadows and forests. 7 years ago, we decided to switch our own farm over completely to organic farming methods.

For us, organic farming doesn’t merely mean adhering to a specific set of guidelines. Rather it involves loving, respectful interaction with animals and plants. In summer, our cattle enjoy the freedom of alpine pastures, while they spend the winter months with plenty of space to move around in our barn back at the farm.
“Every day we run our own organic farm in order to guarantee you and your little ones a healthy and, above all, delicious stay with us.

We love and live ORGANICS – and that’s something you can taste, too!”

Your Aigner Family


Fresh garden vegetables

Simply because they are tasty, healthy and sustainable. You will love our vegetable dishes and the salad buffet.

Our Carinthian Blondvieh Cattle

Meat of the very finest, distinguished by its great taste, tender texture and wonderful marbling.

Grandma’s Herb Garden

Join us as we take you on a tour of our farm, and be sure to step inside Grandma’s Organic Herb Garden, where you will discover an amazing variety of herbs and salads, many of which you probably had on your plate just the day before.

Jams, Syrup and Bacon

The jams, syrups and bacons you find on our buffet all come from our organic farm. Here, too, we place great value in treating ingredients naturally – we don’t want to offer the biggest selection necessarily, but definitely the best quality!

Organic farm

At our children’s farm, you will have the opportunity to get to know in person the extraordinary and highly endangered Carinthian Blondvieh Cattle! Even Emperor Franz Josef prized this unique breed.

Natural Materials

Through the use of natural materials, you can actually sense nature all around you in every area of our house.
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