Discovering nature, and freedom together


There’s nothing to compare with heading out into a 140 hectare Nature Park in the heart of the Carinthian Mountains and experiencing pure adventure. Whether in the forest, along the banks of the Mühlbach, at an organic farm or on our adventure playground: new and exciting things to discover everywhere. This is how children’s dreams begin!
When they participate in our children’s program – which changes from week to week – your kids get to know and love the nature which surrounds the Kreuzwirt.

Adventure Playground

Exciting experiences under the open sky
Awaiting you on some 4500 m² are all kinds of different opportunities for fun and games. 

A Trip through our Kids’ Farm

Lush green meadows and forests surround our family-friendly hotel, leading you out past “Grandma’s Organic Herb Garden” and straight to our own ...

Interactive Nature Path

Perceive nature with all of your senses
As you explore our interactive pathway, you will be able to enjoy the challenges of our puzzle and balance stations, walk across different types of ...

Adventure forest

We go on a voyage of discovery
One of the most fascinating and important habitats on the planet, which so often remains hidden, becomes with us a truly great!

Children’s Ski School

Skiing enjoyment in Weissensee family ski area
Spend your day taking part in a ski course at Bobo Kinderland, on the Lake Hill or in the Weissensee/Naggler Alm family ski area – pure winter ...


At 140 ha you can do whatever you want

12 km to the Weissensee – own bathing place
3Petting zoo
2With the nature Park Bus to the lake
5Indoor children‘s club
122 tennis courts
4Children’s indoor pool & heated outdoor pool
6Big children’s playground
13Football field for children
7200 km hiking paradise
8Grandma’s herbs and vegetables biogarden
10Riding square
11300 m to the biofarm
9800 km marked mountainbiking routes
  1. 2 km to the Weissensee – own bathing place
  2. With the nature Park Bus to the lake
  3. Petting zoo
  4. Children’s indoor pool & heated outdoor pool
  5. Indoor children‘s club
  6. Big children’s playground
  7. 200 km hiking paradise
  8. Grandma’s herbs and vegetables biogarden
  9. 800 km marked mountainbiking routes
  10. Riding square
  11. 300 m to the biofarm
  12. 2 tennis courts
  13. Football field for children