Malta Hochalmstraße

Take a journey through the “Valley of Plunging Waters” as you pass by numerous waterfalls along the Hochalmstraße.
We also recommend exploring the beautifully designed hiking path that runs all the way around the reservoir.
As you drive along this road to the highest dam in Austria, you will make your way through a series of sharp hairpin bends as well as a tunnel carved out of natural rock.
Once at the top, you will be greeted by the 200 m high and 626 m wide Kölnbrein Dam. Stored behind it at peak times is as much as 200 million m³ of water. On the newly built “Airwalk”, you have the opportunity to stand on a glass floor giving you an open view of the 200 m deep rocky abyss below your feet.

The rocky cliffs, the lush green forests and the small waterfalls alongside the lake are a truly breathtaking sight. You should calculate on around 2.5 to 3 hours for the complete hike.

Ca. 78 kilometers away or around 1 ¼ hours from the hotel.


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