Mölltal Glacier

Ride the Glacier Express funicular up to a totally different world.
After about 8 minutes and 4.8 km, you will find yourself at 2200 m above sea level. You will be greeted by a refreshing change of pace and pleasant temperatures, compared with those you encounter on hot days back down in the valley. Now you will hop on board the “Eissee” gondola as you continue up to 2800 m and the foot of the Mölltal Glacier. Depending on weather conditions, you can ski here year-round.

The 8 lakes big and small dominate the summer panorama of Mölltal Glacier. These lakes are used to generate hydroelectric power, an eco-friendly and inexhaustible source of energy. And at the same time, they are marvelous places to enjoy a break during one of the many hikes that are possible in the area.

Ca. 65 kilometers away or about an hour’s drive from our hotel.


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