Perceive nature with all of your senses

Interactive Nature Path

As you explore our interactive pathway, you will be able to enjoy the challenges of our puzzle and balance stations, walk across different types of surfaces and even build a wooden cabin, playfully discovering nature along the way. 
Jump from tree trunk to tree trunk or from one wooden disk to the next, constantly improving your physical skills and coordination.

On this 2 km long path, you will get to know different species of plants and trees, track wild animals, create a nature mandala, plus play a wide variety of forest games with your child-care providers. 

Perhaps every now and then you will discover a lizard, a butterfly, a bee or a grasshopper. Snack from our wild strawberries, raspberries and blackberries, or maybe pick yourself a few hazelnuts. And while you are out there, you will also pass by our organic farm as well as Grandma’s Organic Herb Garden.

As part of our children’s activity program, during springtime, summer and autumn you will get to collect lots of different natural materials, which you will use right there for exciting crafts projects. Our Nature Fest and “Forest Adventure” program with our resident biologist, Manuela, are both especially popular. Best of all, our exciting Interactive Nature Path - which you can also explore without a problem while pushing a pram – begins right in front of our kid-friendly hotel here in Carinthia, Austria.