Greifenburg High-Ropes Center

A very popular attraction awaits you next to the swimming lake in Greifenburg, just a few kilometers from our hotel. Built in 2009, the high-ropes center offers exciting experiences high above the ground. A half-hour training session on the beginners’ course will teach you everything you need to know about the harness safety system.

The butterflies in your tummy will really begin to flutter when you finally get out on the main course, at heights between 4 and 8 meters above ground. One special highlight of the center is a 160 m Flying Fox zipline, which will allow you to fly along directly over the lake.

Children taller than 130 cm (4 ft. 3 in.) can show everyone just how brave they are. 13-and-unders must be accompanied by an adult.

Ca. 8 kilometers or about an 11-minute drive from the hotel.

Bahnhof 121
9761 Greifenburg
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