Gnoppnitzbach Gorge

Set out on an exciting family hike through the “Gnoppnitzbachklamm” in Greifenburg.
With the help of info boards, a water theme path will teach you about the importance of water for mankind, the environment, as well as the economy in our region.

The path is divided into 7 interactive sections, including a Kneipp area where you can wade along the riverbed. The adventure playground is especially popular, where you will find a wigwam and the kids can put their strength to the test shooting fir cones.

A magical place of natural power, located in the middle of this gorge with temperatures remaining constantly at around 5 degrees Celsius, is a magnet for rare animals such as the fire salamander and the green rainworm.

Ca. 9 kilometers away or about a 10-minute drive from the hotel.


9761 Greifenburg