Who knew that a family holiday in Carinthia could be so full of variety

Day of the Family

Living hospitality that comes from the heart, an idyllic vacation setting and traditional country life: these are the "secret ingredients" that make family holidays at the Kreuzwirt so special!

Set aside valuable time for your family. After all, what could be more wonderful than enjoying a fun day together with your mom and dad! Every week, we feature one activity program that is designed especially for the whole family to participate in, from big to small.
And then on Sunday, you can set out together on your own journey of discovery. Sunday is what we like to call “Family Day”, which is the one day our child-care program takes a break.
Out on an easy hike, you can explore the “Old Mill” on the shore of Lake Weissensee and build your own dam in a stream, at which point it will be time to cook mouthwatering hot dogs and Carinthian-style “Frigga” on a wood-fired grill.

“Captain Kid” gives every youngster a chance to take the helm of our big ship on the Weissensee. We’ll then continue on foot along the shore of the Weissensee, every now and then snacking on the pack lunch we brought along and cooling off our feet in the water.

And how about an exciting, adventure-filled day in Gnoppnitzbach Gorge? Along the Water Theme Path there, various huts, info boards and games will teach you why water is so important for mankind. And you will also have the opportunity to marvel at a big waterfall along the way.