Austria’s most spectacular Alpine Coaster

The Osttirodler in Lienz lets you experience the pure fun & excitement of sledding from May to October and from Christmas to March, regardless of the weather!
The track serves up spectacular loops, waves and curves as you zoom down through the forest and back into town.
Your 2.7 km sled ride begins at the Moosalm on Hochstein Mountain, and it finishes right back in town. On the way down, you will be treated to views of Schloss Bruck and the town of Lienz. Big and small can enjoy the ride, however fast or slow you’d prefer – depending on what you are in the mood for – since you control the speed yourself.

Sliding down stainless steel tracks, you will glide silently down the mountain to Lienz. The Osttirodler is supported purely by the surface of the ground without the need for a foundation, held rigidly in place purely by sturdy ground nails. Built-in jumps and waves add extra excitement.

Ca. 45 kilometers away or about a 40-minute drive from our hotel.


Iseltalerstr. 27
9900 Lienz